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Business & Executive Coaching Services

Coaching is provided for senior executives and managers; we also offer coaching at other levels within organisations.


Approach to coaching

  • Understanding needs of organisation and of individual
  • Confidentiality
  • Producing a road map or development plan that engages with organisation goals and strategies and identifies personal objectives and goals for the future (both short and long-term).
  • Understanding client's natural style and strengths
  • Timing flexibility

CTI can provide coaching for various purposes:

  • Professional growth and development - for people who want to develop particular skills and expertise
  • Personal Career Development - for people looking to change or develop their career or those whose jobs are being made redundant
  • Stress Management - people needing to better manage their own stress or those responsible for managing the stress in others
  • Communication Coaching - for those needing to work on communication skills (formal and informal)
  • Relationship Coaching - for those needing to work on relationship issues (including conflict management)
  • Coaching to increase Creative Capabilities - for people who need to develop their creative potential to think and act ahead of the competition
  • Transition Coaching - for people who are wanting to change their role in the organisation or move out of their organisation into another role
  • Change-management coaching - working alongside managers responsible for the implementation of major change
  • Target-Focused Coaching - for people who want help in reaching certain targets
  • Succession Planning - for developing people in organisations for promotion and progress into more responsible roles
  • Executive Mentoring - providing more general support for senior managers and executives who want an objective ear, a sounding board and a wise soulmate
  • In-house Coaching helping you to set up and train and support in house coaches

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