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Why seek Individual Career Coaching?

Successful people have great determination, born out of a “vision” for their life. At CTI, we provide the tools required to discover each individual’s unique vision, skills and goals, to help them achieve a lifelong fulfilling career.

What are the benefits?

  • A clearer understanding of yourself: personality, values, transferable skills, motivation, drivers, achievements and experience.
  • Defining your career aspirations in terms of your own vision, objectives and goals.
  • Our approach directs you towards a career which best matches your character and life goals.
  • Developing a targeted career search strategy.
  • Completion of a reverse chronological, functional and/or marketing CV.
  • The development of a lifelong approach to Career Development and Management.

What are the features?

  • Explore your next step with an experienced Career Guidance Coach.
  • Become successfully remotivated and envisioned to take your next step.
  • The Career Coach helps identify and clear any blockages.
  • Develop a personal Action Plan for long, medium and short-term life and work goals
  • We have the ability to draw out from you your skills, values, experience, knowledge and interests in order to support you in your own decisionmaking process.

If you take up this Career Coaching you will benefit from:

1. Personal Assessment

Complete self-assessment questionnaires which will guide you through an assessment of your personality, drivers and skills.

2. Managing Change

Understand change and your response to it, so you can plan to manage the transition.

3. Establishing Vision, Objectives and Goals for your career

Find direction in life by establishing personal and career goals, which match your unique personality and skills.

4. Skills-based CV

Complete a targeted CV and work portfolio, based on your unique skills and experience.

5. Career Search Strategy

Develop an effective strategy that gives direction and focus to your job search.

6. Job Search Strategy

Organise and monitor your job search to ensure a sustained and motivated approach to securing a new position.

7. On-going Support

Maintain contact with your CTI Coach to support you after the Coaching.

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